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because the snark really means love

house/stacy/wilson fans
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Welcome to hsw_ot3, the latest in a slew of LJ communities devoted to relationships from the FOX television series House M.D.

This community is dedicated to discussion, speculation, and adoration of the relationship between Gregory House, James Wilson, and Stacy Warner. If you find yourself intrigued by the nature of their seemingly complex relationship, this is the place for you.

A few rules and reminders, before we get started:
  • Any and all discussion is welcome, as long as it pertains to House, Stacy, and Wilson, but more so how they interact together. For now, we might let some more general discussion about the three of them slide, but when (if) the community gets busier, we have a right to redirect you to other communities.
  • Fanfiction and art are encouraged, but please put anything longer than 250 words and any images behind a cut.
  • Icons are encouraged as well, but please put any more than three icons behind a cut. (For example, if you have a set of five, you can put three in front of the cut, but you have to put the last two behind it.)
  • Make sure all spoilers are cut for at least two days after the episode airs. For example: The new episode airs Tuesday, the cut can come down on Friday. We're very serious about this. Anything that hasn't happened on the show yet is considered a spoiler. So, something you read in TV Guide, speculation, the promo for next week... all behind a cut tag.
  • This should be a given by now: No flaming, respect other members, don't be rude.
  • Respect the moderators - the lovely pocky_slash and aheartfulofyou. They will beat you if you step too far out of line.

Other than that, feel free to go crazy. There doesn't seem to be a lot of interest in this ship right now, but we're hoping to change that, and we're hoping that once we find out more about the characters next season, other people will see how awesomely complex these three are together.